The vortex of change

– The biggest mistake is to think you´ll be on top 

There are different experts around the world, who are interested in the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The warnings for every enterprise on earth – from global megabrands to small start-ups are: Embrace the change of Vortex now or face being consigned to the history books. A Vortex is a situation you get sucked into, without being able to prevent it. With Peak Balance, we are interested in the companies, who want to stay awake and put transformation at the center of their corporate strategies. We are in a period where innovation accelerates faster than we have ever seen before. The digital disruption will reach unprecedented levels and organizations are challenged when it comes to re-thinking business strategies and implementing flexible organizational structures. The organization’s ability to break down the barriers standing in the way of wanted transformations and innovations will become a defining parameter in competing with the market.

At Peak Balance, we have many years of experience in implementing change in organizations and we know that organizations willing to change, need employees who are also willing to change. But as humans, we are in fact not very brave or innovative. Most of what we do is about avoiding what we fear. Therefore, most change initiatives get stuck in Vortex. It is very hard to lead the organization through a crisis if we don’t influence ourselves or others to do something different.

Although many companies already have a digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategies, implementing a company culture that provides greater employee innovation, increases collaboration and offers agile working isn’t easy. The companies also need strategies to uproot entrenched habits and execute change initiatives in teams and entire organizations.

Does your organization need to develop change agents that can help move your organization before it’s too late?

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